Arrhythmia Recognition: The Art of Interpretation
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Practice Rhythm Strips

Practice Rhythm Strip 1
Rate:About 80 BPMPR intervals:Normal, except in event
Regularity:Regular, except in eventQRS width:Normal
P waves:Normal, except in eventGrouping:None
   Morphology:NormalDropped Beats:Yes
   Axis:NormalRhythm:Sinus rhythm with a sinus arrest
P:QRS ratio:1:1, except in event

This ECG shows a patient with an underlying sinus rhythm. The patient then has a very prolonged pause which was longer than four times the normal P-P interval. This is an example of a sinus arrest. The patient also has some very impressive ST segment elevation. Evaluation with a full 12-lead ECG is indicated to evaluate the possibility of an acute MI. Clinical correlation is also indicated to evaluate the patient's hemodynamic status because of the possible MI and the sinus arrest.

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